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Overview of role and achievements as Web Content Specialist on Project Atlas.

June - December 2015

Skills Utilised

Content Writing, Technical Writing, Sitecore CMS, Communication, Information Architecture (IA), Wireframing, Sitemapping


As Web Content Specialist on the project, my input was essential from the start to finish of a new website. Here's an example of some of the work I carried out during the creation of a new website:


My first step in helping with the creation of a new website was to take an audit of the old, existing site page-by-page. This allowed me to have a checklist of where existing content belonged and something to refer to when creating a new Information Architecture (IA).

Creating Information Architecture (IA)

After completing an audit, I set about creating IA for the new site. When creating IA, I had to think about how to restructure content best and which of the website design templates (created by the design and web development teams) would be most appropriate for displaying that content. A lot of the old websites had out-of-date content, while lots of child-pages were nested under parent pages which didn't have anything to do with them. I created a new navigation structure based on the new content and what the user would expect to see.

Creating the new framework with the Sitecore CMS

After the initial planning, preparation, and communication with key stakeholders were complete, I created the framework of pages, main navigation, footers and add meta information where necessary in Sitecore CMS.