OGIO Redesign

Redesign e-commerce site to coincide with brand relaunch

Project Date

August 2018 - November 2018


UX & UI Design


I lead the UI and UX design for the new OGIO site redesign. This coincided with a brand relaunch featuring new products, a new logo, and an all-round new look & feel. This was a fun and challenging project with lots of creative freedom to reshape their visual identity.

Project Objectives

Templatize Content Modules

These will be used to showcase products or media flexibly across different pages. Content Editors should be able to harness these from the CMS with ease.

Improve Functionality

Make purchasing and browsing the site much easier. Includes: a new navigation, quick cart, and category filters.

Visual Refresh

Apply new font selections, colors and all-round styling to site that complements the look & feel of the new OGIO product range.


The old homepage was made from a basic cookie cutter template. There were limited secondary content module options making it difficult to display different forms of content such as product recommendations or videos. The mobile experience was also poor with hero banner text hard to read. The new design is clean and modern. Various content & product modules provides the content team with greater freedom and flexibility.

Visual - Desktop
Wireframe - Mobile

Category Pages

Category pages now include a new filtering experience and the ability to flick between color swatches.

Product Page

The new PDP design puts the product galllery front and center, while valuable information such a product name, price, and color options remain above-the-fold. There are tons of module options to display different types of content.