UI /UX design

A personal project in which I created a user flow and visual mockups for an IOS music player using Sketch and InVision.


Most people listen to music through their phone when they're on the go. While there's plenty of options when it comes to streaming services apps, there isn't much choice if you're looking for a standalone music player other than your operating systems default app. 'Muso' is an alternative music player for iOS which is minimal, easy to navigate, and allows you to effortlessly play music.

Hierarchical Structure

Firstly, I created a top-down structure of the music player so I could figure out the pages the app would comprise of. This would give me a clear idea of the parent/child relationship between the different page types and the sequence in which they appear across all the navigational sections.

Color Palette

User Flow

Users have a number of ways to navigate through the app and select a song/selection of songs to play. The user flows below demonstrate the different ways in which a user could navigate to a particular song.

In this instance, a user has selected the song they wish to play by selecting the artist and then the album. Users are also able to select 'All songs' if they don't wish to see just the songs from a specific album.

Library Menu/Navigation

When a user selects either 'Artist', 'Songs' or 'Album' from the navigation they are able to pivot between the three options without having to go back.

Main Navigation

As well as their library, users have quick access to their playlists, favorites, and settings using the main navigation.


Search enables users to find artists, songs, and albums by typing in the name or a portion of it.

Tools Used

Sketch, InVision