Daily UI Challenge: 16-20

Another week, another batch of Daily UIs. I must admit that at first it was easy to produce one of these a day in around an hour, but the UIs are continually more niche and require more thought. This weeks include a pop-up/overlay, an email receipt and an analytics chart.

#016 - Pop-up/Overlay

For this one, I created a pop-up which would display on an e-commerce store to offer free shipping if an order is made within 30 minutes. I created a mockup and then a prototype using HTML/CSS and JavaScript so that the timer would count down.

See the Pen Pop-up Message Prototype by Oli (@mowerol) on CodePen.

#017 - Email Receipt

An email receipt/confirmation for a purchase made online. I decided to keep things clean and simple so that important information such as order tracking and cost was clear.

#018 - Analytics Chart

A simple chart which conveys how many visitors have been on a website. The tabs towards the top would allow the user to filter between visitors per day, month or year.

#019 - Leaderboard

I decided to make a leaderboard for the top goalscorers in the Champions League. Being a football (not soccer) fan, I just couldn't help myself...

#020 - Location Tracker

I kept things simple for this one and created a basic flight tracker. Type in the flight number and you'll be provided with the departure and arrival information.