OLI Mower

Interactive and UX/UI Designer in Austin, TX

About Me

I design, write, and code

My expertise is creating engaging and gratifying online experiences through interactive and UX design, content strategy, and some front-end development.

I have experience working for global companies on exciting web projects in the US, UK and Australia.

I currently work at Callaway Golf as an Interactive Designer and I am available for freelance projects too.

To find out more about my experience, download my resume here. For examples of my work, check out my portfolio.

My skills and processes

I'm a UX-conscious designer with a strong grasp of design fundamentals. I'm proficient in Illustrator, Sketch, and Photoshop.

I've produced editorial pieces for several online publications. I'm experienced in content strategy, copywriting, website migrations, and technical writing too.

I also create fully functional websites (like this one!) using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and implement websites into PHP powered CMSs.

Adobe CC & Sketch
Information Architecture

My Blog

Daily UI Challenge: 16-20

Another week, another batch of Daily UIs. I must admit that at first it was easy to produce one of these a day in around an hour, but the UIs are continually more niche and require more thought. This weeks include a pop-up/overlay, an email receipt and an analytics chart. #016 - Pop-up/Overlay For this one, I created a pop-up which would display on an e-commerce store to offer free shipping if an order is made within 30…