Oliver Mower,

Austin, Texas


I'm a multi-disciplinary designer specializing in visual and UX design.

Born and raised in London, I moved to Austin, TX in late 2016 via way of Melbourne, Australia. I now work at Callaway Golf as an Interactive Designer and have also worked on exciting web projects in the UK and Australia.

Some other things I enjoy in no particular order are: football/soccer, travelling to new places, hiking, live music, and animals.

To find out more about my experience, download my resume here. For examples of my work, check out my portfolio.


My skills include

Visual Design

I love designing simple and elegant user interfaces. I'm a big proponent of minimal design and believe less is more, however I am able to turn out a number of styles and work within brand guidelines.

Front-End Dev

I like to be able to turn my designs into code. I'm proficient in HTML, CSS, jQuery/basic javascript and a little PHP. I have experience utilizing frameworks like Bootstrap and implementing CMSs like WordPress.

UX Design

I try to apply design thinking to my work whenever possible. I like to wireframe and prototype using tools such as inVision and gather feedback from users before commiting to a design.

Email Development

I'm well versed in tackling the challenges behind building fluid and responsive code for email. I can build live code with nested tables which works in a number of email clients.

Adobe CC + Sketch

My go-to tools for design are Sketch, Photoshop and Illustrator. I used Sketch to build visual comps quickly; Photoshop to edit photos and create banners, and Illustrator for iconography and vector based graphics.


Clear communcation is vital as a designer. Whether I'm collaborating with a colleague/client or handing work over to a developer, I ensure I listen attentively to feedback and present my ideas openly.